Networks Theatre in Orihuela is proud to present The Scarecrow Girl by Nick Moore.  This super studio theatre in Orihuela city is well-known for its annual pantomimes and fun musicals but they also present smaller more intimate dramas like this moving story.

With a talented cast of 22 and evocative songs and musical themes this is a truly unforgettable evening’s theatre.

The show tells the story of Loella, a 15-year-old girl left to look after her two younger brothers when their mother leaves to find work overseas. Loella tries hard to keep the family together but eventually the new little family are taken into care.  Through all this Loella confides daily in her local scarecrow who she calls Papa Pellerin and who she sees as a father figure. In her heart, she dreams that one day her real father will return. Along the way we meet all the characters who Loella has to cope with.

It’s a really touching 80-minute drama and certainly a different night’s theatre from many of the shows that are on the Costa Blanca.

To book tickets and find out more visit their website at

The shows are Thursday 1st – Saturday 3rd June at various times.

Contact them at and 683 373 413 (afternoons)