A flight bound for Alicante-Elche airport was diverted to France – after a drunken passenger swigging Vodka caused chaos on Tuesday night (April 18).

The Ryanair flight from Manchester to Alicante took off on time, with hundreds of passengers, including a male who continuously caused disruption – having allegedly drank from a bottle of Vodka he’d managed to get onto the flight.

“It was chaos, and totally unacceptable behaviour towards the stewards on the flight with his drunken behaviour,” Esteban Fernandez told The Costa Blanca and Costa Calida Leader.

Esteban who lives in Dona Pepa, Quesada, and wife Norma, were returning to Spain after visiting family in Manchester.

“Following the persistent aggravation, a pilot announced that the flight was going to be diverted to Bordeaux,” he said.

“There was chaos – with passengers angry and shouting at the drunken behaviour of this man, – who refused to listen to stewards about his behaviour,” said Esteban.

The flight was delayed for over an hour, after the flight landed at Bordeaux and the drunken passenger removed from the plane by French police who boarded the plane on a runway.

Passengers remained on the plane during this time, before flying out of France to continue their journey to Alicante.

Hundreds of passengers disembarked from the flight at 10.15pm after the delay, with one quipping at the departure terminal: “We’ve had a lovely stay, over in France!.”

Passenger banned for life for Urinating in cabin

Meanwhile a Jet2 passenger has been banned for life after he allegedly urinated inside the cabin and displayed aggressive and disgraceful behaviour on a flight to Tenerife.

The man caused major disruption with claims he urinated inside the cabin, in front of children and fellow passengers on the plane that had departed from Glasgow.

The airline has banned the 55 year-old for life and warned him of a potential ‘five figure’ fine.

The disorderly behaviour forced an emergency landing, diverting holidaymakers to Faro Airport, where police offloaded the man.

A spokesperson for Jet2 alleged: “The man’s behaviour included aggression, illicit consumption of alcohol, intimidation towards other customers and even children, suspected handling of illegal substances, and urinating inside the cabin.”

Esteban Fernandez: Alicante flight diverted to Bordeaux.