Los Montesinos Mayor Jose Manuel Butron has spoken about the upcoming local elections in May – and about the future of the residents of the Vega Baja town.

“At the beginning of March we approved the list of candidates that will join me in these upcoming local elections on May 28 and in the meantime we will continue working toward the future that we want for our people,” said Mayor Butron.

“Librada Sáez, is a veterinary assistant, a native of San Miguel de Salinas, however, she already feels like a montesinera.

“She wants to be in this socialist project and contribute her knowledge and experience towards improvements in what is now her town,” he said.

Butron, who has been the mayor for 32 years, following the town’s independence, said: “José Luis Simón has supported me since the first elections, always committed to the people and their future and progress.”

If you have registered your right to vote in the local elections on May 28, 2023, and would like to check you are on the voting list you can visit the Montesinos Town Hall, between the 10th-17th April, from 9am-2pm to confirm that all your details are correct, otherwise you won’t be able to vote.

Librada Sáez, mayor Butron and José Luis Simón.