According to the annual data published by the Ministry of Labour, mortality rates have almost tripled in the province of Alicante in the last 12 months.

In 2021 there were just 12 deaths, but in the data for 2022 the figure has shown a significant increase to 34. But it is not the only statistic that has increased, also accidents at work have grown by a thousand.

According to the data, in 2021 there were a total of 15,055 accidents registered in the province during the working day, 14,945 being minor, 99 serious and 11 fatal. In 2022, however, there were 16,042 accidents, 15,897 minor, 117 serious and 28 fatal.

In 2021, accidents that occurred on the way to or from the place of employment numbered 2,260 of which 2,222 were minor, 37 serious and 1 fatal. In 2022, this figure increased in all aspects: there were 2,663 accidents, of which 2,619 were minor, 38 serious, and 6 ended in the death of the worker.

Sectors with the most accidents: construction, industry and commerce

By sector, in 2021 the most accidents were in construction (2,736), followed by the manufacturing industry (2,326) and wholesale and retail trade and vehicle delivery (2,317). In 2022, the figures are very similar, although there has been a slight increase in these three sectors, the ones that registered the most accidents: 2,770 construction, 2,478 manufacturing, and 2,470 in commerce and distribution.

The Valencian Union CCOO believes that specific prevention plans are still lacking, because many generic procedures are still used, “in addition to the fact that more investment in prevention is desperately needed.”