The latest rumor in the soccer world is that Lionel Messi seems to have rejected the renewal option with the Parisian club, making the Argentine’s current future uncertain. One day renewal is on the table and the next one, Paris Saint-Germain can’t seem to convince one of its stars to stay.

Lionel Messi signed with PSG for two seasons so that the current season could be his last. According to the latest press reports, this could be his last season wearing the club’s jersey. His contract will expire on June 30, leaving him free for another club to sign him if they wish to.

Many still think that the Argentine is just judging by the absent-mindedness and that he will renew with the French club for two more seasons. Others believe he may be closer to returning to FC Barcelona than one might think. Meanwhile, certain people do not rule out that big offers from clubs in the Saudi Arabian league will lure him.

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Messi’s career changed after signing for PSG

Messi’s career path changed when he decided to leave Barcelona in 2021. A decision that the fans of the Catalan club did not take very well, as their star player left. Many people thought that if he appreciated the club so much, he would have stayed even if his salary had gone down a bit. Even more, knowing that the consequences for the clubs after the pandemic were not the best because of the losses after the quarantine period and the suspension of the matches.

Although, for some, Messi’s departure from Barcelona was due to the streak of defeats and the drought of titles such as the Champions League. It was rumored that the Argentine had been unhappy for some time. A fact that was accentuated with the defeat in the 2020 Champions League against Bayern by an overwhelming final score of 8-2 for the German club. Whatever the real reason, only the player knows, whether it was for money or because he wanted to aspire to more.

What is certain is that on August 5, 2021 Messi was trending topic and the news of his departure from FC Barcelona went viral. The Argentine was saying goodbye to the club where he had grown up. He was saying goodbye to a team that had trained and formed him, helping him to exploit all his talent to become one of the best players.

Barcelona was shaken, as were their fans, but they could do nothing to make the Argentine stay. After months of negotiations to try to reach an agreement, it was not possible. This was because in the renewal contract, they also wanted to do something against La Liga’s transfer rules.

Messi’s arrival at PSG

Finally, last season Messi wore a shirt from another team for the first time, that of PSG. It is true that Manchester City was also locked in the battle for Messi’s signature, but PSG won. The French club and France welcomed him as the star he is. His teammates were happy to have him among them.

One person particularly happy about his change was his former teammate Neymar, with whom he connected at Barcelona. Although, there is also some friction with Mbappé because both want to be the decisive players of the club.

During his first season, Messi has been up to the task, although he has yet to achieve the goal of lifting another Champions League. This may make the Argentine hesitant to renew after his second season at PSG. At the moment, all are rumors and it is yet to be possible to say if he will renew or not. However, after the World Cup, he says he has reflected and could decide to leave the club by valuing other aspects more than the economic one.