“If you’re just getting started with sports trading software, you’ve come to the right place. Get helpful tips on why you need sports trading software.”


Sports trading or merchandise software has become the new normal among gamesters. Bettors make it a point to put their best foot forward. In this way, they can leverage the variation that comes with real-time stakes in the market. Punters have adopted sports merchandise software as an alternative to wagering on the sportsbook’s website. 

Look no further if you are just starting with sports merchandise software. Using the  Betfair trading software review and other bookies’ trading software as case studies, we will walk you through all you need about this application. You will also get to know the upsides of using sports merchandise software. Now that you know what you’re in for grab a box of chocolate doughnuts and diet coke. Sit back and read through.

What Sports Trading Software is 

Sports merchandise software is an automated tool that allows you to guard against the stress of loading websites to get fresh odds. As if this is not enough, it offers statistics, charts, and other informative features to aid your wagering journey. 

Let’s explore a few examples of sports trading software. 

Betfair Sports Trading Software 

The most significant advantage of Betfair Sports Trading software is one-click wagering. By this, we mean that it allows trading with a single click with predetermined odds. This also applies to every other sports trading software.

Bet Angel Sports Trading Software

Bet Angel software is the next on the pecking order. The brainbox is the professional merchant known as Peter Webb. The owner’s goal is to provide one of the most helpful software out there, and the operations of the software are not far from this. 

The interface is conventional. The icons are strategically positioned on the top of the screen. Then the wagering details and features are at the bottom of the screen. This makes it easy to work around the software. 

There are three primary plans available on Bet Angel software. They include basic, trader, and professional plans.

The basic plan is free. This version is not ideal if you’re looking into a serious trading business. 

On the other hand, the trader and professional plans are not free. For instance, you will need to subscribe for £6 monthly for the Trader plan. The professional plan is £30 per month. 

You can only enjoy automated statistics, charts, and other stimulating features in the professional plan.

Bet Trader Sports Trading Software

It works well with Windows and Mac. However, you should make sure that you have recent versions of Chrome or Explorer as far as Windows is concerned. 

After a successful installation, you will see a shortcut on the homepage. You will need to tap it to launch the software in your browser.  

There is a fourteen-day free trial on the software. However, you will need to subscribe to £9.99 monthly to continue enjoying this software.

The best part of this software is the insightful trading materials it offers. There are free video resources that introduce you to the app and how to work around it. There is also a webinar library that displays different examples of sports trading. 

Why Do You Need Sports Trading Software?

Why Do We Need It?

It is possible to engage in sports trading without utilizing the software. However, in this case, you need to gain a mastery of the trading market structure before you can get away with it.

Regardless of your skills, most trading strategies that successful merchants utilize comes down to speed. For instance, as far as scalping is concerned, merchants will need to place a wager. Afterward, merchants will wait before exiting the wager to earn decent returns. 

There are other reasons why you need sports trading software besides the speed at which you can place wagers.

Tracking Multiple Markets 

The sports merchandise software saves you the stress of tracking several markets on the wagering exchange sites. You don’t need to access different tabs on your browsers to track the variations in your stakes. 

This software ensures you can easily access price movements while switching between your tabs. All you need to do is pay attention to the stakes you want to track.


Sports trading software is the new norm. It secures your wager and helps you to track multiple markets at a go. It also ensures one-click wagering. Gamesters are already exploring the software. Why don’t you give it a shot?