As part of “The soundtrack of your village” project, promoted by the Almería Provincial Council through its Culture Department, the Mojácar Municipal Music Band has, on the occasion of the Almería Province Bicentenary, staged a concert in the locality along with the Antas and Garrucha Municipal Bands.

More than 70 musicians, members of the three bands, performed pieces by Almerían composers. Pasodobles, Moorish marches and symphonic poems were performed under the baton of the directors of each one, paying a small homage to the province’s musical talent.

This project has led to the creation of six regional bands, among them that of Mojácar. Nineteen bands from the whole province are taking part, offering 18 concerts in different municipalities.

For Miguel Ángel Miranda, Director of the Mojácar Music Band, it is a unique opportunity for the young musicians who make up the bands, in which they can share not only their music, but also their concerns and knowledge about it. An experience that has been welcomed by everyone and that they will attempt to repeat on more occasions.

As always when the Municipal Music Band offers a concert in the locality, there was maximum attendance by local people, made greater by the expectation of listening to the three music bands perform Almerian music together.

At the end of the planned programme, the public, on their feet, gave long applause to the young musicians, who enjoy all the support and love of their village, as do the members of the Antas and Garrucha bands and their directors.

It is getting closer to the date, the 23rd December, when the Municipal Music Band will return to the stages of Mojácar with “Your village sounds familiar” project, an idea in which music and singing join hands for a challenge that has not been done by the Music Band until now.

Amateur singers will imitate famous songs with the music performed live by the Municipal Music Band.

The idea has been very well received in the village, and there are already many volunteers willing to have a go at an idea which will undoubtedly be another attraction on the Christmas programme that Mojácar Council has planned this year.