Author A.N. Drew has published his new book Sacred Memoirs of a Retired Failure with The Conrad Press.

Sacred Memoirs of a Retired Failure is a love story with an unusual take on retirement and bereavement which few will have experienced.

The author explains‘I wanted to write about how retirement can be a new episode in life, challenging and exciting. Retirement is hard work if it is to be successful. I was concerned about how retirement, coupled with recent bereavement, can cause extreme loneliness. A huge hole which seems impossible to fill. The main character, Doug, is on his own and cannot find happiness, or even fulfilment. He wishes to hide his past, and feels his career was a failure.’

As this remarkable book shows, both in an entertaining and enlightened way, retirement is a life challenge in itself. The busy hub of life is ended and there is time to evaluate. If recent bereavement is added to the equation, contemplating the future may be almost unbearable.

A.N. Drew continues, ‘I have many issues with churches and how badly some people are treated. I ask the question ‘Where is love?’ As I thought about these issues, it seemed a good idea to write a novel about a man who for almost 40 years had obeyed the rules and played the game. The main character is a retired vicar who is almost ashamed of his past, who feels a failure and is desperately seeking to find some meaning in his retirement.’

Anyone approaching or struggling with retirement will really connect with this book but the story is for anyone looking for a different take on an old theme. With romance involved.

A.N. Drew is the pen name for the Revd Andrew Rea, who lives in beautiful olive groves in Murcia. This book is proving so popular that the author is already writing a sequel!

Sacred Memoirs of a Retired Failure by A.N. Drew is available on Amazon as a paperback and Kindle edition.