The Orihuela Air Media Unit (UMAO) has taken delivery of a new drone that has now been incorporated into the fleet. The device joins a further two drones that were already in use by the police unit, although this new machine has additional features that will allow it to locate people in areas of difficult access, detect fires, identify points of illegal dumping of pruning or debris, as well as identify breakdowns that may occur in the electrical distribution network.

Antonio Sánchez, Councillor for Citizen Security, said that thanks to this drone, agents will be able to work in adverse weather conditions. It also offers the use of a thermal camera with a 200 x zoom.

The device is powered by two batteries, providing a range of 41 minutes. In addition, it detects obstacles by vision and infrared and has a wind resistance system of up to 15 meters per second. It can fly at 83 kilometres per hour, reaching 7,000 metres in height, as well as operate in a temperature range between minus 20 degrees and plus 50 degrees.

It  has millimetre positioning accuracy and is equipped with three propellers, which allows it to be landed in an emergency, should one fail.