Los Montesinos town hall is hoping that the residents of the municipality will give opinions to their Quality Barometer of Public Services, in order to obtain feedback on their practices.

The objective of the Barometer is that the neighbourhood can convey to the council its opinion on the quality of the services it offers, the attention to citizens and its satisfaction with the municipal initiatives promoted in recent years, they say. The opinions of the population will be collected through a short form, which can be completed in Spanish or English, and will be open until October 27, 2022.

In turn, the project’s driving team will travel to the town to carry out a street campaign, through which citizens will be able to learn about the initiative and respond to the questionnaire in person.

The mayor’s office has referred to the importance of the initiative, ‘the opinion of the population of Los Montesinos on public services allows to increase the quality of life of the neighbourhood, through the improvement and design of services, achieving a prosperous municipality and that walk in unity towards the future’.

For her part, Ana Belén Juárez Pastor, Councillor for Public Works, Employment and Economic Development, Sports, Tourism and Commerce, the Environment and Equality, has expressed her commitment to supporting the principles and values ​​of Open Government: ‘move towards a closer administration and sensitive to the interests of citizens is the cornerstone of our town project, which is also a sign of our commitment to the 2030 Agenda at the local level.’

More information on the initiative can be obtained from the town hall.