Orihuela´s Councillor for the Environment, Patricia Menárguez, together with Daniel Puchol, from Actúa, who are sponsoring the competition, and Juan José Pérez, director of the EASDO art and design school in Orihuela, launched first international painting competition “Palmeral de Orihuela” to be held on October 15.

“Throughout that day, artists can capture what their eyes observe on a canvas. The themes of the paintings will be exclusively those related to the Palmeral de Orihuela, being their free interpretation. Various pictorial techniques such as oil, acrylic, watercolour, pastel, mixed techniques may be used “, the councillor said.

If you would like to take part, you must sign up at www.palmeraldeorihuela.com, filling in the form on the web, and anyone of legal age can participate. The contest contemplates three prizes, which will be delivered on the same day of the celebration.

First prize is 1,500 euro, second 750 and the third 500 euro. Subsequently, an exhibition will be held at the Interpretation Centre with the winning works and the finalists.

Palmeral de Orihuela is the second largest palm grove in Europe, with a group of specimens of date palms cultivated and arranged regularly on the margins of terraces, paths, and irrigation channels. It has a crescent shape and occupies ​​637,400 m2, sheltered by the Sierra de Orihuela to the north, Mount San Miguel to the south and Oriolet to the west.