• Murcia great-grandmother Joan, 91, set to star in Nivea filming

Nivea have offered great-grandmother Joan Richmond-Woodhouse, 91, a contract to undergo filming after revealing that she has used their cream which has kept her so young looking.

“Nivea are sending me to do some film shoots – it’s so exciting,” Joan exclusively told me from her home in Costa Calida, Murcia.

“I have used a Nivea cream since being a teenager, aged 16, and moisturise my whole body once a week,” said Joan, from Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire, who emigrated to Spain two decades ago.

“To have the offer of a job for Nivea now is so nice, but crazy at the same time,” she said.

“I’ve always looked years younger than I am. To become a Nivea influencer is nice, aged 91,” said Joan, who formerly owned a Hotel in the Lake District with her late husband, retired solicitor Trevor Woodhouse.

Joan, who revealed that she keeps slim and retains her youthfulness with Nivea – and eating PIES since her schooldays – said: “All the attention started as a joke with my friend filming me talking about the pies.

“Unknown to me it was put on TikTok and it went viral! It received millions of hits.

“I do like pies, and Holland’s pies were very much a favourite when I lived in Lancashire.”

Joan on the right

Mother’s pies

Joan, who has 18 grandchildren, said: “My mother Francis Mary Eccleston (née Doyle) used to make homemade mince and onion pies.

“I can still see those pies today, cut into long slices. Delightful. I ate lots, when young.

“Also I recall the school diners served meat pies – and my grandma also baked home made pies!”.

Joan, whose father was a police inspector and detective during World War 2, said: “I’ve managed to keep slim by also eating Lancashire Hot Pot down the years.”

Joan, who celebrates her birthday on September 6, said: “I feel privileged to have been born in 1930. I’m really looking forward to doing filming with Nivea, in either September or December. Exciting times.”

*The Leader Exclusive with Joan Richmond-Woodhouse continues next week, in P2 of a three-part interview, with a chat about Paella, Benidorm, the drinking culture in Spain and playing golf.

Photos: courtesy Joan Richmond-Woodhouse.