This week, the withdrawal of the more than 45 thousand mattresses that have been accumulated for years in the ECOPark of Santa Pola has begun. The company ecoAqua is in charge of the withdrawal in order to recycle the accumulated mattresses.

The trucks will transfer the load to the Onteniente plant where, through a technology patented worldwide, 100% of the mattress elements are recycled by means of pressurized water and returned to the industrial process.

A mattress is recycled every minute and they manage to recover all the parts and return them to the market. It is a sustainable action and also avoids possible fires in traditional storage and recycling.

The Mayor of Santa Pola, Loreto Serrano, explained that they have finally solved a problem inherited from many years, and that the ECOPark was collapsing.

The company will take approximately 8 months to be able to eliminate all the mattresses accumulated in the centre.