It has been over two thousand years since Mark Antony stabbed his boss, Julius Caesar, in the back. I am just wondering if our ex-chancellor will be remembered for as long, as he accomplished something similar and was in the forefront of getting the Prime Minister to resign.

It is a little obvious now that he was not the right man for the high position he occupied. Being a member of a billionaire family he should have refused the offer of becoming chancellor because he would have known he would have a ‘conflict of interest’ as it is alleged his  wife does not pay taxes in the UK, and she has been involved in  companies that have gone broke, three in all, owing the tax man £789,000.

The whole episode demonstrates how easy it is for wealthy and influential people to become members of the Government, and in the case of Rishi Sunak it has shown, in my mind, that he was a ‘Judas’ for taking on a position which demands responsibility for collecting the taxes owed to the Nation, and yet he lives, and no doubt sleeps with a woman who, it has been reported many times, has run UK companies while her tax affairs are elsewhere.

If this man, with the morals of a ‘tom cat’ becomes the new PM, in my opinion the changes will be long and deep. Currently day to day we are controlled by billionaires, the likes of the family of the person who was recently in charge of the country’s finances, where he introduced  a furlough scheme and allowed billions of pounds of it to vanish, including, we are told £635,000,00 to his wife.

Rishi Sunak is a person, who in my opinion has no loyalties and very little knowledge of the needs of the British population, he lives in his own world of luxury with limited abilities and certainly is not the right person to be the first amongst equals.

The Acorn:

Shoreham by Sea, in West Sussex, is a little way along the coast from Brighton, where as a seaport it dates back to Roman times.  I was a toddler when I met this old man for the first time. He had a thick grey moustache, which I didn’t like, he also limped, I was told later it was as a result of shrapnel in a leg after serving in the Boer War of the late eighteen hundred.

He took me for a walk over the South Downs, and he was holding my hand. We were strolling over the rolling green hills which reach down to the rear of the houses on the coast, one of which was owned by my grandfather.

He pointed out the view of the sea, my home was in the East End of London. I knew nothing about the sea, it was all new to me, the water with a haze above it could be clearly seen above the roofs of the houses. Granddad was also very knowledgeable about trees and pointed out the various types.

There is the story of the oak tree, a beautiful specimen with tall spreading branches.  Yearly it would create flowers which turn into its seed, the acorn, before shedding its leaves and looking totally different with its bare limbs swaying in the wind.

To one side on the boundary, a fir tree had grown, slim, upright and tall with lush green foliage all year round.

The tree grown from the acorn wanted to be like its neighbour, always green, slim and upright and asked the ‘woodman’ to make the changes.

The woodman answered, it is not possible – I can cut your Branches to make you look like the other one, I can shape them so they are more upright like the fir tree and are not so spread out – but you will always be an oak tree because you are grown from an acorn and the fir tree will always be a fir tree as it has grown from its seed the cone.

Grandfather pointed out to me it was the same with people. I was a boy dictated by the seed that made me and that it was not possible to change – likewise my sister was a girl, and she would always be.

My research has shown that eminent professors and doctors on both sides of the Atlantic, and that persons sex cannot be changed. One famous name in this field has been reported as saying. ‘By the use of drugs and butchering body parts you can change hjow a person might want to look, but not their sex as that is embedded in every cell of their body’.

Three recent headlines following trans gender surgery sum up the real dangers of being operated on to change sex, and their regret for doing so.

a/  What they did was despicable…I should never have changed gender at 16: Brave young woman reveals her story after damning report finally forced the closure of the controversial Tavistock clinic

b/  Anguish of young man who had sex organs removed on NHS then regretted it the same day… as he Sues NHS over gender reassignment surgery

c/  Courage of the parents, patients and whistle-blowers who refused to be silenced is revealed as controversial Tavistock children’s transgender clinic is to SHUT after damning report warned it was ‘not safe’

Take care, especially of the young people. chattey – Percychatteybooks has recently published ‘Hondon Writers Circle #3’ full of interesting original short stories from members of the group, available from Amazon.