The Local Police in Elche arrested a 58-year-old man for attempted robbery with violence on calle Avet, when he tried to steal a car that had stopped at a traffic light.

The incident occurred earlier this month but has only just been reported. A police patrol was asked to attend the location after the control centre received reports of a possible fight that was taking place in the vicinity of the City of Justice.

When officers arrived, neither party was at the scene. Although minutes later, the patrol received a warning again for the presence of a car in the area with the window fractured by a stone. Going to this last point, the local police officers were requested by a citizen near the General Hospital, indicating that she had suffered an attempted robbery of her car.

As the affected person recounted, while she was stopped at a traffic light, an unknown person opened the driver’s door and tried to force her out of her vehicle. The description offered of the suspect was of a male who looked emaciated, without a shirt and with their face stained with blood, made it possible to locate the subject at a short distance without any doubt. A witness also corroborated the version of the victim and reported the location of another forced vehicle in a nearby car park.

For all these reasons, the man was arrested and transferred to the General Hospital, due to the injuries he showed, with a bleeding wound in the ear, erosions on the body and a strong bruise on the forehead.

The individual stated that these injuries were the result of a fight.

To make matters worse for the suspect, after being treated at the hospital, and as he was getting dressed, he tried to grab the service weapon of one of the agents, for which he had to be immediately restrained and was subsequently transferred to police facilities.


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