Camping Villas Caravanning has appealed the decision of the Cartagena City Council to reject the request made to reopen the premises after seeing its license suspended.

The company argues that the actions it has since carried out, added to those it plans to carry out in the future, will enable it “to show a major an improvement to the complex, which ensures compliance with the health, safety and fire regulations required by this type of establishment.

The company maintains its willingness to negotiate and has reached out to the City Council to agree on the necessary measures to guarantee the safety of the people who reside at the campsite. It has asked the municipal Administration for an urgent meeting with the intention of agreeing “definitive solutions” that will provide legal certainty to the company in the face of its willingness to invest whatever is necessary to rectify this situation.

Camping Villas Caravanning in La Manga, which accommodates a large number of expats,  was forced to close on 18 May, when the Cartagena City Council suspended its activity license after the site failed to present the security and emergency plans requested by the Administration, a decision that has been recently ratified.

However, since then, the company and the residents of Villas Caravanning have demonstrated their willingness to present a proposal to remedy all of the deficiencies found.

The council has said that there are still many shortcomings that need to be rectified, including security deficiencies that, according to technical reports, suppose a significant risk in terms of fire protection and for the safety of users and residents of the campsite and the private pitches.

In October 2021 a caravan fire forced the evacuation of the campsite resulting in the death of one person with 19 plots burned in total.