The Local Police in Santa Pola have been keen to point out the effectiveness of their summer beach patrols this week.

In addition to participating in services in assistance to beach users, the Special Police Service deals with an average of more than 50 daily reports related to good coexistence and harmony in the 11 kilometres of beaches the municipality.

To give an example of their interactions with the public, they provided details of the sort of offences dealt with on a single day this week, namely Tuesday.

On that single day, the officers dealt with 2 vehicles driving without mandatory insurance on roads close to the beaches, there were 7 vehicles parked in prohibited places in beach areas, 1 vehicle without an ITV, and 39 complaints related to the Traffic Ordinance, on roads near the beaches.

In addition, they dealt with 3 reports of illegal camping in prohibited areas, 1 person reported for practicing fishing less than 100 metres away from of swimmers, 2 reports of people who deposited glass on beaches, 1 report for having a potentially dangerous animal loose and without a muzzle in the beach area, 1 report for unauthorised advertising distribution in the beach area, 1 report for sailing a jet ski in an aera reserved for swimmers, 1 report for unlicensed fishing, and, finally, 1 report for possible breach of beach concession conditions.

The reason for detailing their actions is that the police hope fewer offences will be committed, as people know that their actions may well be sanctionable. After all, according to the police, if we follow the rules, our beaches are a place where everyone can enjoy safely.