One can usually think of moving to Spain to get that Mediterranean lifestyle. However, there are more solid reasons to leave the UK and move to Spain for the rest of their lives. Apart from the most important, economical benefits of living in Spain, one must also understand the practical benefits of living there.

Living in Spain is deriving access to an amazing local as well as the expat community. It also involves the most affordable cost of living along with incredible food and excellent places to visit. There are various advantages that are really making the place a worthy living center for all the expats.


Talking about ranking, Spain ranks eighth all over the world when it comes to the healthcare system. If you are living as working personnel in Spain, you get a free healthcare facility. That is kind of unbelievable but it is true. Read a detailed guide to know why it ranks high.

Invest in Properties

Spain offers a wide variety of property options to choose from when you are thinking of investing in them. From huge villas, holiday homes beside the beach, countryside homes, and tall apartments. Investment in Spain is never a complex procedure. Housing prices are not that expensive either when compared to neighboring countries.

Retirement-Friendly Options

Spain can be a good option for familial bonds and community priorities. Many expats are found here with reunion visas to get retirement from Spain. There are many public schools, beaches, and holiday destinations for children and families. Spain is widely known for its retirement-friendliness, thanks to the non-lucrative visa.

Benefits of Non-lucrative Visa

There are various benefits of obtaining a non-lucrative visa Spain. If you do not wish to start your own business or do not seek employment there, applying for the right course of non-lucrative visa is extremely important. Various benefits of a non-lucrative visa in the province include:

  • It is an easy procedure to obtain residency in the country for non-EU citizens. Obtaining a visa in Spain is also easy for UK citizens.
  • One can live in the country for a period of up to one year even if you are not employed.
  • After a year, the permit can be renewed for a two-year Spain residency.
  • Once you obtain non-lucrative access, your dependent and immediate family members become eligible for a temporary permit residence in Spain.
  • Acquiring a form of a non-lucrative permit as a visa allows easy entry to the county to serve educational purposes.
  • There is no requirement for any investment.
  • A non-lucrative permit behaves as a retirement visa of Spain for the ones who wish to take retirement in Spain and spend at least six months in the country.
  • For the ones who are looking for a second residence, a non-lucrative visa option is the best.
  • A retirement settlement is the best with a non-lucrative visa.


Obtaining a non-lucrative visa in Spain is an extremely convenient option for UK citizens. Spain offers everything that a person actually seeks while moving to a new place. Spain is an appropriate place for retirement and the best country to settle in offering the best landscapes and cultural stability.