Percy’s Ramblings

In the Village Hall of Chortleby, murderous events were happening on Friday and Saturday evening, a body was found face down in a water butt and with a scare a body falls out of a cupboard. The wrong doings were resolved and congratulations to the DIVA’s team for unravelling the situation and bringing the villain to justice.

It was a play by Derek Webb called ‘Agatha Crusty’ and the ‘Village Hall Murders’ held in the Hondon de los Frailes, Theatre, events close to Midsomer Murders but not quite. An excellent evening’s entertainment by DIVA (Drama in the Valley Association) group who all played brilliantly, a very well done and entertaining evening enjoyed by everyone.

Just recently it was fun time, as we spent a few days in Benidorm to catch up with the great grandchildren who, with sparkling eyes and a quick mind, charmed us. We had to laugh when their Nan pointed to a plane flying overhead saying, ‘look at that aeroplane’ and the seven-year-old granddaughter stopped what she was doing and looking very serious said ‘Nan…that is not an aeroplane that is a private jet.’ I guess she knows where she is going in life.

The difference between the Spanish Health care and that of the U.K. was demonstrated while we were there. In Spain we have excellent care and also prompt appointments. A lady in the hotel, who was badly crippled in a wheelchair and in need of constant attention, back home in Southern England she cannot get an appointment to see a specialist until May 2023.

It seems to me no matter how much money is thrown at the NHS there is very little improvement. Although there is some good news in that the British Government is taking steps to stop  ‘woke type words’ like ‘birthing person’ instead of ‘mother’ being used, also to put to an end the amalgamation of toilets, so once more there will be separate ‘male’ and ‘female’ facilities.


Situated in the wonderful green Somerset countryside near to Pilton, this ‘holy grail’ amongst music festivals, with its many stages and a varied list of numerous performers, was watched just recently by more than two hundred and thirty thousand people over a long weekend.

This year it was graced by the presence of an eighty-year-old Paul McCartney. Also on stage was Diana Ross, who is seventy eight, both singing old favourites from their earlier careers. The crowd went wild imitating and following the famous words of the songs, which, it seems will live forever.

Greta Thunberg, that famous teenager, who is now nineteen, wound up the event by producing  one of her speeches of doom and disaster, and despite her words about global warming and waste, which was followed by clapping and cheers of agreement, very few of the words made the point on the audience.

The period devolved and the site became the largest untidy, disorderly, trash and garbage scene. The scattered litter is predominantly the ‘no’ ‘no’ of plastic, leaving a sour note and destroying in part the very reason of Glastonbury’s existence.

The clean-up in 2019, the last time the event happened, we are told took six weeks to clear the rubbish all of which was created by the true lovers of music … but not of their environment.

It is difficult to imagine 1.4 square miles of litter and waste, for that is the area covered by the celebrations, where the total two hundred thousand plus tickets were sold out to enthusiastic festival goers in very quick time, who were keen on attending this unique event and willing to part with hundreds of pounds of their money, but paying little attention to the ecosystem they were to be involved in.

The organisers at this year’s festival went out of their way to encourage festival visitors to act responsibly in the disposal of their waste. However, the visitors were deaf to this request but not to the music or other happenings. So, there we have it, these young people who are the future of Britain, can recognise a singer or musician at a hundred paces but not a rubbish bin at two.

Growing Weeds:

It is a sad true story of this week, and once more the inability of the ‘Easy’ airline to meet the terms of a booking, making an excuse there was no pilot available for the journey with the result a family stuck in Luton and unable to fly to a much-loved mother’s funeral in Alicante, Spain. A statement by one of the members ‘why do they overbook take your money and leave you stranded?’

We had a similar occurrence, although not so devastating, when we arranged to meet the family in Benidorm, on this occasion the airline of the same ‘stress-free’ name flying out of Bristol, was late in departing and used the excuse that the baggage handlers would not work loading the aircraft unless they were paid forty (£40) pounds per hour to do so. We do not know how the impasse was resolved.

So, it seems by the daily news, more and more employed people are downing tools demanding extra-ordinary sums of money to continue their way of working, driving up prices and causing inflation to roll up into a continuous higher cycle. The blame for this state of affairs lies firmly at the door of the greed emanating from those who control the pricing of basic needs and those demanding excessive pay rises.

Pensioners on fixed incomes are incapable of doing anything other than tightening of belts and worrying about the next spike in inflation. They simply have to cope as striking is out of the question. That would mean the gardening does not get done and the weeds would continue to grow, and the dishes would pile up in the sink. Take care. chattey