Investing decisions are often hard to make, especially for a new investor. You may not know where to put your money and what the results might be. In this respect, you’re far from being alone.

Investors don’t always know if they should focus on analyzing a company or looking for trends to invest in.

So, they search for ways to invest well. Then, they pay attention to resources such as the McCall Report to know where and how to invest to make more money in the long run.

Do you wonder how reliable it is when it comes to making decisions about investments?

Here’s how the McCall Report can help you with your investment decision.

Is Matt McCall a Genuine Researcher?

Matt McCall is indeed legitimate. He has been on many financial TV shows and his insights have helped many reap better returns from their investments.

In addition, he has had an illustrious career with over 1,000 shows and has written for major publications like Fox Business News, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Businessweek, and so on.

Are you familiar with the television program called “Making Money with Charles Payne”? If yes, you’d be happy to know that McCall is the designated financial expert for the program.

The media exposure aside, McCall is also involved in producing research reports and that’s where most of his focus in recent days has been. For instance, some of the best things he has produced in terms of research are:

  • The McCall Report.
  • Matt McCall’s Investment Opportunities.
  • Investors in the beginning.
  • Group: Private Deals.
  • The Power Portfolio and more.

The two most popular services are the McCall Report and Matt McCall’s Investment Opportunities.

The McCall Report Investment Strategy

The McCall Report is a well-known research report. It focuses on stocks. In particular, it looks for stocks that investors should pick for long-term investments.

Here’s how the McCall Report can help you with your investment decision. The service does not say you can’t hold a share for a short time.

But most of the time, it suggests a long-term position, for example. According to the report, a stock position should ideally last for one year or more than one year.

One thing about McCall’s report is that it is for investors who are neither too risk-averse nor too risk-taking. It does tend to be riskier than many other investment strategies but not by a huge margin.

In a nutshell, the recommendations of the report strike an excellent balance between reward and risk. That’s one of the reasons investors find so much value in it.

Crisis Portfolio Themes

Do you know how investment portfolios can change during a crisis?

COVID-19 is an excellent example of how a problem can lead to good investment opportunities. This is why McCall suggests using crisis portfolio themes.

People figured out that COVID was a pandemic and that it would hurt businesses all over the world. Then there was a knockout blow to the markets, which caused stock prices to drop.

But there came a turning point. The government gave massive money as a stimulus to get the economy going. Moreover, certain businesses benefitted massively from the pandemic. Both together led to massive investment into the stock market.

It happened more quickly than anyone expected. As a result, you can see that the stock price has reached a new high.

McCall’s crisis portfolio themes include:

  • 5G
  • The Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Artificial intelligence.
  • Transportation 2.0, such as electric vehicles.
  • A blockchain with a public transaction ledger.
  • The future of healthcare (telehealth apps, for example).
  • Genomics offers much faster solutions to medical issues.
  • Work-from-home (WFH) stocks, like fitness, communication, and project management apps.

McCall made a good point when he talked about how investment strategies are changing. If an investor wants to make a lot of money, they should look for a long-term investment.

For example, McCall bought shares of telehealth companies in the past. It’s clear that it did pretty well back then. But in recent times, its prices have soared like a rocket ship.

He thought telehealth would soon be an essential part of the healthcare system. It turned out to be true when the pandemic forced health care groups to use telehealth to reach patients far away.

What Stock Does Matt McCall Like for 2022?

Because Matt McCall is an experienced researcher who examines a wide variety of stocks, like the best NFT stocks, dividend stocks, biotech stocks, and many more. So it is challenging to determine which stocks will appeal to him.

But these days, he favors investing in technology stocks because they have the capability of expanding at a rapid rate.

Therefore, a technology company that has a robust business model has the potential to become quite valuable in the stock market.

Review of Matt McCall

McCall offers you vast knowledge, and the McCall Report can help you with your investment decisions, especially on topics like:

Matt McCall has done surprisingly well in the past at picking the right stocks. So it’s clear that he’s someone who you must follow if you want reliable investment advice.


What if you invest without knowing enough about the market, company, stock prices, and the latest market projections and trends? Well, your investment will most likely go down the drain.

But you can easily prevent such a scenario by using resources such as the McCall Report intelligently. The Mccall Report enables you to understand the market and make better investments.

But the McCall report won’t spoonfeed you everything. You will need to do some research on your own as well. For instance, as an investor, you should be mentally ready to face the pros and cons of investing in a stock. Try to find a strategy that suits your goals and optimizes your investment.