Following the indignation of motorists after a photograph was posted on the Twitter account ‘SocialDrive’ showing a local police officer who was crouched between refuse containers in Crevillente hoping to trap motorists the “hunter” has now become the “hunted” as angry drivers vent their displeasure at his antics.

The comments from drivers are mostly of outrage, as they consider that the officer is only seeking to penalise them financially rather than promote road safety.

In Spain there is no law that dictates that mobile speed cameras must be visible, unlike fixed speed cameras, which must be marked.

Although in the image an agent appears next to it, the camera is wireless and operates remotely through WiFi or 3G/4G. Because of their characteristics, velolaser radars, of the type shown in the image, are difficult for the driver to detect and easy for the authorities to handle and transport.


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