The biggest problem that Alicante’s provincial climatologists are warning of is the increasing temperatures in the Mediterranean Sea. Jorge Olcina, director of the Climatology Laboratory of the University of Alicante, said that after verifying the “pre-summer” records in the province, the temperature of the sea this week is already, around 25 degrees, which represents an increase of three degrees over the normal temperature in the penultimate week of June.

After just two weeks of heat, the temperature of the Mediterranean sea has reached values ​​typical of the end of summer rather than its beginning. The waters of the sea off the coast of Alicante already reach 23.5º on average, but there are sectors of the coast of Alicante, Valencia and Castellón that reach 25º C.

“This is the biggest problem we have of climate change. A warm Mediterranean Sea is one more factor that encourages the development of tropical nights, and that can develop intensity in the rains and increases of atmospheric electricity”, he added.

The direct consequence of this, as a result of the warming due to climate change, will be that most of the nights during the months of July and August will be tropical, that is to say that the temperature will not not drop below 22 degrees.


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