Security has been boosted on the Island of Tabarca due to the forecast of some 300,000 visitors in the coming weeks.

The Alicante Civil Guard has already begun reinforcing security and will continue to do so until the end of the summer. This task is being carried out in collaboration with the Local Police which has a specific Unit that maintains permanent surveillance of the island throughout the year.

Security functions will be carried out from the Main Post of the Civil Guard of Santa Pola.

The different specialties of the Civil Guard will travel daily to ensure security on the island, guarantee  the safety of tourists, as well as the protection of their property during their stay, the immediate response to emergencies that may arise, monitoring of maritime traffic, control and surveillance of underwater activities, recreational activities, events and parties on board vessels carrying passengers, surveillance of recreational boat sports competitions, and protection of the natural environment of the island, which is considered a protected area.


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