Shops that are located in the tourist areas of the Valencia Region will be able to open their doors again on Sundays from this week, 19 June, according to the regulations of the Generalitat.

A spokesperson for the Asociación Nacional de Grandes Empresas de Distribución (ANGED) in the Valencian Community, Joaquín Cerveró, explained that “from Sunday, June 19, all businesses in the areas of great tourist influx in the cities of Valencia, Alicante and the rest of the Valencian Community will be able to open their doors uninterruptedly until January, thus returning to social and commercial normality.

He has anticipated that in 2022 the Community will receive 10 million foreign tourists, who will leave an income of more than 9 billion euro. “A large part of this expense is directed to face-to-face commerce in Valencia, Alicante and Castelló. All this supported by the growing weight of the online channel in our sector, which complements a better service to our customers through omnichannel”, he commented.

Cerveró has asked the local and regional public administrations to be receptive to the great effort made by physical commerce in general, and to continue supporting the presence of customers in stores.