Orihuela town hall has put out to tender the contract for the rental of 9 vehicles and the acquisition of personal protection equipment for the collection of prunings this summer for an amount of 48,725.13 euro (IVA included).

The contract will be used to provide equipment to the 100 workers (90 workers and 10 agricultural foremen) who are going to be hired thanks to a subsidy from SERVEF, which allocates 417,606 euro to adapt green spaces in districts and on the coast of the Orihuela municipality.

Companies can present their offers through the profile of the Orihuela contractor until June 23. The contract will foreseeably be terminated before July 15, the date on which it is expected that the personnel hired by SERVEF will start.

Among the necessary equipment, there is the rental of three nine-seater vehicles , for which 8,100 euro is allocated, while the largest item goes to the management of the collected waste, which is estimated at 450 tons and has a cost of tender of 22,590 euro.

The purchase of individual protection equipment for workers amounts to 7,212 euro, while the remaining 2,366.70 are used to purchase tools and supplies.

The works that will be carried out with this equipment include not only the cleaning of green areas in districts and the coast, but also various maintenance tasks of the city’s peri-urban green belt, both in El Palmeral de Orihuela and on the San Miguel hill, the mount of the Oriolet and the groves of the Segura River.

The subsidy has been received annually for several years, according to the government team, and allows this hundred workers to be hired for three months each year to increase the work of pruning and adaptation of green areas that the municipal brigades usually carry out, but during some months, such as summer, it is more necessary to carry out these actions.