The 32-year-old Albanian who was arrested on Monday by the Civil Guard for killing her two-year-old son in Bigastro has been sent to prison.

The mother, with a long history of drug addiction, said that the child had hit his head when he was playing under a table, but an autopsy revealed that he suffered a cardiorespiratory arrest but that death was not due to natural causes. He had bruises on his neck and injuries consistent with previous episodes of ill-treatment.

Once the violent death of the child and the mother’s attempted suicide were confirmed, the court ordered the transfer of his twin brother to the Alicante General Hospital where he was examined to see if he also had any internal injuries, where it was verified that there were also signs of previous injuries, for which the Civil Guard has now charged the mother with murder and another of causing injuries to the family environment for the other child.

The event occurred last Saturday night in the town of Bigastro. The emergency services received a call alerting them of a two-year-old child who was foaming at the mouth and had dyspnoea. At first, the mother said that her son had accidentally hit himself under a table while he was playing, and was not breathing.

On their arrival the Emergency Services could only confirm the boy’s death.

Initially the mother was admitted to the psychiatric wing of the Vega Baja Hospital after trying to kill herself by taking pills, but upon her discharge she was arrested by the Civil Guard.


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