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A long time ago, well perhaps not that long ago, as we are talking the 1980’s, there was a very funny programme on television called ‘Yes Prime Minister’ starring Paul Eddington as James Hacker, the Prime Minister with Nigel Hawthorne as Sir Humphrey. The story line was written in a clever and humorous way, based on how Government worked and the ability of the civil service to modify or change the thoughts and instruction of the elected party in power.

Sir Humphrey played  the Head of the civil service in the series and the story line resulted, by the use of clever words, in changing the meaning of new regulations being proposed by the Prime Minister’s Cabinet, and demonstrating in an entertaining way how democracy does, or in some instances doesn’t work.

At the time it was a fun show and watched by masses, a giggle of what could be happening behind the closed doors of the administration in Westminster. How, in that period would anyone have thought that the events in the show would become reality all these years later, with the present Government  having difficulty in getting its measures complied with because of the insurgent people, who should be dealing with the day-to-day requirements of a powerful elected majority in the Commons.

Not only are these so-called ‘servants’ – yes I know that is an old fashioned word but they are supposed to be civil. It also  sums up my feeling of these ‘professionals’ who should be at their desks, not working from home but in their office dealing with the mountain of passports and driving licence applications still waiting to be processed, removing the difficulty from thousands of people waiting for that documentation. They should stop playing politics, as it is nothing more than that, and get the country moving again.

The Flasher:

In the twenty odd years we have lived in Spain we have watched the Hondon Valley grow from a group of small hamlets into thriving communities with quaint individual houses, some as holiday homes but in the main for retired people. The response by the individuals of the Valley and others in the surrounding areas, has been remarkable in supporting the people of Ukraine, with twenty-six cubic metres of goods collected for their cause, and taken to the Dream Centre in Hondon de los Frailes. The items were transferred to a holding hub in Torrevieja and then on to the country in need.

Also living in the Valley is Dave the Flasher, as he likes to be called. Dave is proud of the appendix of his name of being a flasher as he paid €60.00 for the privilege. He was on a short journey out of the village and he quite inoffensively used his headlights to warn another driver of a checkpoint and was fined by the police for the privilege of doing so.


There are not too many day-to-day happenings which I find annoying or gross, however most of those bad feelings are about how the very young children are treated.

A book has been published on Amazon which has shocked parents, and myself, who see it as disgusting, as it is aimed at an audience for school children as young as four.

The book is called ‘My Body is Growing’ written and illustrated by Dagmar Geisler, a 64-year-old woman. The book is penned as a ‘guide’ for children of up to eight years old to ‘learn about their bodies and how to perform sexual activity between male and females along with descriptive pictures.’

This is not about teddy bears – it is a pornographic book aimed at the very young and quite frankly I do not understand what enticed a sixty-four-year-old to write such an expressive book for the extremely immature, about people coupling, including the final event in the sex act with graphic pictures, other than to satisfy some personal desire and need within her. The wording and descriptive text in the work is too detailed to repeat here –  in a newsagent it would be on the top shelf with a brown cover and an ‘X’ on it – but then what do I know?

The whole point about bringing up children is not about the excitement of the reproductive organs, it is indeed important that they should be schooled in love and caring for one another, the total opposite of the angers and desires of the body that will come later. The rearing of children, as we all know, is difficult enough without the interference of outside bodies who have their own agenda to satisfy.

In this column I have referred to the unfortunate who have confusion in the mind in the question of where they fit in society. I am sure some of this bewilderment is caused by their upbringing where the standard family of Mum and Dad does not exist – for that reason, which is in my opinion, it must be difficult to bring up a balanced youngster if you have a personal disagreement or a pet hate.

There has developed another way of thinking by some of medical professionals in that they can physically change a person’s body sexually, and whilst I am sure they do so after careful study, surely any such action should be very limited to the very mature. Otherwise, as Dr Michael Webberly, a fifty-five-year-old discovered, when he was found guilty by the Medical Practitioners Tribunal for his transgender treatment of seven patients. Three of them – and one was only  nine years old – committed suicide.


It was a tasty double sandwich – not  in the sense that it was larger – it cost twice as much as a similar one the week before. With inflation in Spain at 9.2% how come an item can suddenly cost fifty percent more? Take care chattey