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  • The CFP Orihuela Deportiva becomes the last category of senior football in Valencia, after the rise achieved in May 2019 with Mario Tormo’

By Andrew Atkinson

CFP Orihuela Deportiva have been relegated from the Valencia 1st Regional Group 9, after a dark 2021-22 season, underlined with nine defeats in the first 16 games of the campaign.

“The game at the Esteban Rosado against SC Torrevieja was the final straw in a dark season – in terms of results for the team from the regional capital,” said a club statement.

“A first half to forget and a season finale in which the miracle could not be worked.

Nine losses, six draws and one victory in the first 16 games of 2021-22 season buried the permanence options during the initial months of the league.  “The arrival of Manu Ruíz and several reinforcements increased the competitiveness of the team, but it has not been enough to turn the situation around, and drop into the Second Regional.

“The CFP Orihuela Deportiva thus drops into the lowest category of senior football in Valencia, after the rise achieved in May 2019 with Mario Tormo,” added the statement.

In December 2021, CFP Orihuela Deportiva was a pioneer at the state level in obtaining the Economy for the Common Good certification, reinforcing the idea of the ​​club and understanding it as a community project, where values ​​and principles are the most important.

“We must thank the group of the EBC of Orihuela, the Association for the Promotion of the Economy of the Common Good in the Valencian Community and especially Manuel Meseguer Diez, member of the Club, for having worked with us to achieve the certification.

CFP Orihuela Deportiva blow following Julián Paredes exit.

“The common good is that which increases the well-being and happiness of all the people in a community.

“We all seek to ensure our survival, be free and achieve our own autonomy, live in a favourable environment and relate constructively with other people.

“Maximizing this and achieving the optimal situation should be the ultimate goal of any social organisation.

“What does the Economy for the Common Good propose? To turn money back into a means and not an end. Establish collaboration and mutual benefit as basic principles. To do this, we must measure what really matters: the common good.

“Before any economic activity, ask ourselves what impact it has on people and nature. If economic resources are needed to fulfill their goals, they are sought, but if profit implies destruction of people, they are avoided,” said a club statement upon receiving the award.

CFP Orihuela Deportiva suffered a blow when, due personal reasons, Julián Paredes left his position as physical trainer for Deportiva.

Orihuela born Paredes arrived at Deportiva in the 2017-18 season and showed an impeccable commitment to the club, achieving promotion to the First Regional Division with the first team in the 2018-19 season.

Upon Paredes’ departure from CFP Orihuela Deportiva the club made a public statement, saying it considered Julián a member of the Gualdinegra family and wished him the best of luck.

Federation Cup Prebenjamin Final Phase

12 teams qualified for the Federation Cup Prebenjamin Final Phase, following games at Puzol, Valencia, in the largest official grassroots tournament in Spain.

The second phase of the semi-finals of the Federation Cup Base in Prebenjamín category saw 48 teams participating in the conference, from which 12 teams from first and second years qualified for the Finals.

Federation Cup Base in Prebenjamín category

Photographs: Courtesy FFCV.


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