Orihuela´s Councillor for Citizen Security, Antonio Sánchez, has announced the first results of the special aerial control campaign to monitor the dumping of prunings, furniture and equipment on public roads in Orihuela Costa by means of drones, launched this week.

In the first 4 days of this special campaign, more than a dozen infractions have been detected, which are being investigated by the Local Police and proceeding to identify the offenders for the subsequent processing of the sanction.

Most of these infractions are due to depositing garden waste in unauthorised places on public roads on the Orihuela Costa, in breach of the Municipal Ordinance Regulating urban cleaning, cleanliness, health and urban waste management.

“A maximum of 1 cubic metre of prunings can be deposited on public roads, bagged and always after prior notice to the cleaning service so that it can proceed with its collection,” recalled Sánchez, who has asked residents to “comply with the regulations to solve a historical problem that our municipality suffers, especially in the coastal area.

The drone, owned by the Local Police, is playing a fundamental role in “catching” offenders “in situ” and, therefore, facilitating their identification and accelerating the processing of the sanction. In fact, the Local Police has fined more than a hundred neighbours since its acquisition.

The Councillor for Citizen Security, Antonio Sánchez, thanked the Air Resources Unit for its work and involvement in solving this problem and stressed that the effort made to launch this service is bearing the expected results.