Modern technology is crucial for a successful business to be evaluated as efficient. The degree of digitisation of a company and the integration of automation solutions are easily measurable and guarantee operational efficiency. Technology can support any stage of a business, from strategic planning to people and finance administration to product manufacturing or services implementation for the clients.

Today’s technological developments highly impact the business sector of small, medium or large companies. From the security of the IT system support to customer relationship management implemented programmes, and financial and human resources support, all internal and external business processes are made more simple, efficient and effective with modern technologies. The benefits are available on several layers.

Better communication internally and externally

Communication based on modern information technology is available now to all businesses, whether an integrated department supports them, in the case of larger companies and corporations, or by external service providers. Internal communication covers a broader range of channels that allow both the employees and the organisations to send and receive messages.

Internal chat systems, emails, intranet systems, and employee portals are all created to ensure that all members of the organisation have fast and unrestricted access to information affecting them and their work.

There is continuous contact between the companies and their targeted audiences on a superficial level. Clients can now find the correct information and evaluate the fit with certain products and services available on the market based on online business reports, company websites, social media communication, and a permanently open line with customer service representatives.

Some businesses are even able to function entirely online. It is, for example, the case of online casinos created in the last couple of decades for an enhanced player experience. Online games platforms are accessible to players regardless of where they are located or what the time is, even on mobile devices, with a great range of games. Playing online roulette, blackjack, online casino slots, jackpot games, and many others is possible at any moment of the day, only requiring a stable internet connection.

Modern technology facilitates sales teams’ access to new, previously inaccessible markets through online tools. Online portals and shops present the solutions to clients on a 24/7 basis, with sales support specialists available in local languages and time zones. In this way, international access to different economic markets is possible with lower costs for advertising and pre-sales efforts and the basis for potential customers enlarged.

Access to specialists

Any company can hire specialists through modern business technology through outsourcing processes. Once the local talent is fully engaged in the activity, certain business areas can be optimised with the help of external specialists. This benefit is beneficial for small and average size companies who don’t have the setup to hire new employees. By outsourcing, companies can benefit from the international talent and better collaboration conditions, price and quality-related.

There is a general trend for certain functions to be outsourced by many companies. New businesses have been created only for this purpose, to support through outsourcing. Technical support, customer support, business administration or IT functions are general topics for such collaboration.

Reduction of general operational costs

All activities and processes that can be automated using modern technologies are a significant step towards cost-cutting. The high degree of employee mobility facilitated by technologies is a great way to reduce fixed costs; the most recent example is the home office or hybrid working programme.

Field employees are also supported to track records of their client-related activity in real-time, generating a fast response to the market demands and building a competitive advantage when it comes to services provided. Last but not least, all the sales and financial processes are correctly registered and synchronised in the company’s software so that the business results are accurate and valuable to evaluate the business’s success.

Employee motivation and retention of staff

Recent surveys in the world of human resources have revealed that it is more important than ever for employees to feel appreciated at work and be motivated and engaged. With the support of tech trends in HR, employees are becoming more involved in extensive cross-departmental projects; they have the liberty to organise their work independently and connect with colleagues from further distances more often.

Despite the fears that automation technologies will lead to the lay-off of human employees, the reality is quite the opposite. The involvement of artificial intelligence and automation in business processing is helping people get rid of repetitive and boring jobs and relocating them to coordinating positions where they can apply their talent.