The Leader Info was established in 2004. There is always a history behind any creativity. So, it was established for English speakers who are living in Spain. Like other newspapers, it tries to update its visitors with the help of various day-to-day updates.

Like it provides them the news (that may be local and international, forecasts, etc.), sports news (latest match updates, any changing in team, etc.), and also amuse visitors with Spanish poetry in the English language.

Mostly all websites gather data from their users. Like they gather their name, email address, IP address, device type, etc. So, The Leader Digital and our partners also gather data so that every visitor may be able to see and get information the most personalized data. We cannot gather and store any visitor data without following proper rules and regulations with the Spanish government.

We give access to every visitor so that he may read all privacy policies provided by us. We keep updating privacy policies from time to time, just to ensure the privacy of our visitors. We do not have any type of Data Protection Delegate. We will keep your data for the specific time period, with its help we may easily respond to your all queries and improvements to our website. After that period of time, we will never keep your data. It will be deleted automatically.

You are also secure virtually!

We are making it easy to keep updating our English speakers’ visitors, so you may get updates easily. In the same way, it’s our prior duty that we should also keep your internet life more reliable.

It will help to increase your productivity. You also know that if you are using the internet without any securing software your data will be always in danger. Like you have connected your bank account with your computer or laptop, and you are going to do any transaction virtually there are chances that someone may see your account detail and withdraw your amount.

So, for keeping virtually life secure VPNs are playing their roles. But there is a question arises which VPN will be the best for you. That’s up to you, first, you should read the features. Features can help you to understand privacy policies etc.

But is one of the rear VPNs. No VPN in the market can beat it. It is unique in various ways like due to its own speed, log policy, ease of use, support quality, etc.