Rojales Council and the local Merchants’ Association (ACR) have signed an agreement to launch the “Activa Rojales” shopping bonus campaign, which will mean an income of 200,000 euro to local businesses.

Anyone can participate in the initiative by providing their national identity document (DNI). Each customer will benefit from a voucher, which can be obtained online through the platform htpps:// or by scanning a QR code.

The Councillor for Local Development, Miriam Trives, explained that it is a campaign where the purchase of bonds by each citizen is doubled. That is, if a person buys a bond with the maximum amount of 50 euro, this becomes 100 euro to spend.

It starts on May 3 and ends on June 30. The voucher may be used in any type of commercial establishment in the municipality that is part of the initiative (food, IT, furniture, electrical appliances, hotels, etc.).

“We intend to give an unprecedented boost to our closest commercial fabric and thereby contribute to its promotion,” the councillor stresses, adding, “hundreds of families depend on it, and they also offer   direct treatment and quality products to their customers”.

The commercial initiative is being managed by the Local Development Agency (ADL).