Alicante will host the 2023 Spanish Handball Championship of regional teams, during January 3-8, 2023.

Alicante will welcome more than 2,500 athletes with the proximity of the municipalities joining CESA 2023 and the TRAM Alacant network, allowing participants access to public transport.

The Community of Sports has hosted major sports events, including the historic Women’s World Cup in December and the Women’s Pre-Olympic.

At grassroots level, the province of Alicante will be the national epicentre in supporting the four Campionats d’Espanya in different categories.

The event will include 13 pavilions, spread over eight venues along the Mediterranean coast of Alicante.

The public institutions of the Community, headed by the Generalitat Valenciana, the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation, the Diputació d’Alacant and the town councils of the participating localities have shown their support for a competition, staged for the first time in Alicante.

Closing ceremony 2022

Coinciding with the closing ceremony of CESA 2022, the transfer of the flag of the Royal Spanish Handbol Federation from Daniel Santos, president of the Murcian Federation, to Pedro Fuertes, president of the Valencian Federation, took place.

The president of the Royal Spanish Federation of Handball, Francisco V. Blázquez, said: “After returning to the leadership of CESA here in the Region of Múrcia, we trust the organisation in menys of 8 months to a handball field with solera, the Costa Blanca, and more specifically Benidorm, bressol of great players and players throughout history.

“A territorial federation, the Handball Federation of the Valencian Community, the organisational experience of which is amply demonstrated, and that after joining the classification phase for the Olympic Games and three years of the Handball World Championship feminine of 2021, its focus on the base, on the future”.

Pedro Fuertes thanked President Blázquez, saying: “The announcement shows the strong confidence in supporting such an important event as CESA”.

President of the Handball Federation of the Valencian Community Francisco V. Blázquez added: “More than 2,500 participants will participate in the best handball base, in an idyllic setting like the Costa Blanca”.


The news follows the Regional youth handball Finals taking place during April 2-3, featuring the Youth Finals of the 2nd Division and the second phase of the youth category.

Sixteen teams, consisting of eight women’s and eight men’s teams competed, with group winners qualifying for the youth handball event in the Community.

The female youth category were, Group A: Elda Prestigio, Llevant UD-BM Marni, CBM Elx Atasa and CBM Morvedre.

Group B: Grup Usa Handbol Mislata UPV, Fundació Agustinos Alicante, Handbol Onda i CBM Mare Nostrum Torrevieja.

The male youth category were: Group A: CBM Maristes Algemesí, Llevant UD-BM Marni, Hispanites BM Petrer and CBM Elx Imago Fauna.

Group B: CBM Mare Nostrum Torrevieja, Fundació Agustinos Alicante, Handbol Mislata and Fertiberia Puerto Sagunto.