The Torrevejense Rhythmic Gymnastics Club Jennifer Colino finished fifth place overall in the first national division.

This weekend, the first phase of the 1st Division of the Iberdrola Rhythmic Gymnastics League was held in Almussafes (Valencia).

The young Torrevieja gymnasts all did very well giving some extremely good performances, despite the high level of competition, involving a number of gymnasts from the national team.

Tatyana Shevchyk bronce en pelota

Anastasia Salkova, in the juvenile category, performed a hands-free exercise with which she achieved a score of 22,400, finishing in sixth position

Lucia Leshan Cañas Mendo, finished seventh with the club apparatus and a score of 24.784.

Tatyana Shevchyk won the bronze medal with a magnificent ball exercise, achieving a score of 26,200. In addition, with the ring and ribbon devices, she finished i fifth position with scores of 25.917 and 24.734, respectively.

Aimara Fajardo, a gymnast on loan to the Torrevieja club, performed a good rope exercise with a score of 23.417, also achieving the bronze medal.

The team formed by the four gymnasts finished with a total score of 147,452 points in fifth position, in this first phase of the 1st national division.

Very well done to them all and to the technical team for their magnificent work!


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