During 2021, seventeen home evictions a day took place across the Valencia region, one every 40 minutes, according to data published by the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ).

In total last year there were 6,182 evictions registered, compared to the 4,501 that occurred in 2020. It is an increase of 37%.

The figures show that Valencia is in third place in all of Spain, only behind Catalonia (9,398) and Andalusia (6,615). Throughout Spain, 41,359 foreclosures and non-payment of rent have been registered, 41% more than in 2020.

The majority of evictions carried out across Valencia were for non-payment of rent, with 3,807, compared to evictions for non-payment of mortgage, which were 2,192. In other words, 65% of evictions are due to non-payment of rent, in a trend that has been settling in for several years. In the rate per 100,000 inhabitants (both mortgage and rental), Valencia is only behind the Region of Murcia.

Of the 41,359 evictions carried out throughout Spain during 2021 (112 evictions every day), only 10,000 were due to non-payment of the mortgage, while the rest (28,993) were due to non-payment of rent. The rest were motivated by other causes.