Orihuela´s departments of Environment and Emergencies, led by councillors Dámaso Aparicio and Víctor Valverde respectively, are finalising a presentation to request aid from the EU Next Generation funds to help with flood prevention.

Orihuela Council will request funds from the Biodiversity Foundation “with the aim of restoring river ecosystems and reducing the risk of flooding in urban areas”,  Aparicio said.

Orihuela has a problem with the river at times of flooding, and based on the Emergency plans and the Hydrological plans, “we consider that it is ideal to propose the recovery of the old routes of the river for spillway areas in cases of floods”, Valverde explained.

“It is also about putting use to the groves that are in disuse across the municipality with the purpose of them absorbing a large amount of water, reducing the risk to the streets and the roads”, said the councillor for the environment. This would be the case of upstream (El Arenal area), the central area of ​​Orihuela (Barrio de San Pedro), and the district of Molins, which, as the councillor for Emergencies stated, “use of the floodable grove will gain capacity  in case of an emergency”.

The last day to submit this grant application is March 16. These grants may be for a maximum amount of up to 4 million euro.

Apariciospoke of the importance of “continuing to act on the river to achieve the restoration of the riparian forest that eliminates the reeds that cause so many problems when the floods arrive, and at the same time gain green expansion areas for enjoyment of residents, while reducing the risk of flooding”.