On the day that Queen Elizabeth II provided a positive Covid test result, King Felipe VI of Spain proved negative.

The King’s test for covid-19 was carried out in Madrid on Sunday, so from today, Monday, he will be able to resume his daily official activities, according to sources from the Royal Household.

The King Felipe tested positive on February 9 in a test that was performed after he was diagnosed with “mild symptoms” the night before.

Since then, and after testing positive again on the 15th, the head of state has remained in isolation, forcing him to suspend his face-to-face agenda.

In the UK the Royal Household noted that the monarch has “mild symptoms similar to a cold”, and she plans to continue performing “light tasks” this week.

The news comes ten days after it was announced that her son De Ella Carlos, the crown prince, had tested positive for covid-19 after having been with the queen.

The queen “will continue to receive medical care and follow all appropriate guidelines,” the royal statement added.