The Socialist Group has again asked the Orihuela Council to take urgent action due to the risk of falling rocks from the Aguamarina cliffs, which could fall onto and cause serious injury to unsuspecting bathers below.

It is simply a repeat of the demands that they made on the council late last summer when they asked for sections of the sea front area to be fenced off in the face of possible landslides. They also want the erection of appropriate signage warning of the dangers.

Last year, they said, the local police had to evacuate the area several times because of the danger to bathers.

The PSOE further criticised the Orihuela council asking for publication of the geo technical report following the studies that have been carried out.

Their spokesman, Councillor Luis Quesada, said that “we still do not know if it was finally completed and what the results are.  Despite of the council’s promises, nothing along the coastline has been done and everything remains the same”.

PSOE demand action over Aguamarina rock falls