Thursday Night Darts League

Division One

Ale House Lads  v  Hub Hyenas

Hyenas got off to a flyer, taking all three triples, Mark Ellis D2, John Eyre D8, Dylan Fitzsimmons D4, the finishers. Ellis outstanding in the scoring department. The Lads responded by winning 2 of the 3 available pairs via Andre Wing 100, Dale McGuiness 100, D16 and Eugene Lane 100, Thomas Harrison D1. John Rodford 100, D14 and Ellis 100 ensuring a 2-4 lead at the break.

Wing enjoyed an unexpected comfortable victory over Fitz in the opening singles, the match potentially going either way. Rodford 3×100, 140 overcoming a lively McGuiness 2×100,140,3×80+ 2-0. Alan Havelock faced Dario Sierra next in a 3 leg belter, the latter finding a D8 and 2×100, 140, Havelock 2×100,138 and a nice 115 out on the Bull. Paul Durrant made it 7 for the visitors with a 2-0 victory over a decent Graham White 2×100,140 effort, but unable to pin a double. Ellis 100,122,135,140 edged out Lane 3×80+,100 in a 3 leg encounter. Harrison concluded the game with a MOTM effort against Eyre 2-0. Havelock, Hub’s MOTM.

C.C.’s Flyers  v  Milos

Flyers were 4-0 up in a blink, Milos only scorer of note Alex. Kevin Prockter D4, Charles Pritchett 98, D10 and John McKay D1 plus a showboat effort of D5,D15 (40). He’s not a bad golfer either. The final 2 legs of the 1st half went Milos way, Alex a further ton, partner Alejandro D16 and Fabian Alcocer D2.

Milos quickly drew level via Alcocer winning 2-0 on a 73 out and Sam taking care of a free scoring Cameron Nesbitt also 2-0. Sam Farrow restored the lead for C.C.’s, McKay winning a real tussle 2-1 against Alex, with 6×80+, 100 and D8,D4, Alex managing 4×100,140. At 6-5, there was plenty to play for, Raul Rocamora winning 2 zip, making the last leg a home win or draw game. Pritchett made sure of both points with 4×80+, 100 and the 2 required doubles. MOTM – Farrow – Alex.

Dannys  v  Mind the Gap

Gap take their usual top spot position in the final league phase after this comfortable away victory, with even Bill Warburton getting an outing. Gap took all 3 triples and pairs with only Rob Norbury for the hosts hitting a 3 figure score. Gap’s Sam Salt hit 2 doubles and 123, James Brown 100,99, D16 and a 98 out,” Esco” 140, D10 and Gordon Cowan D9, making it a 0-6 half time score.

Esco made it 7 with a D1 and 66 out, Brown overcoming a difficult opponent in Alan Walker 1-2, both players finding the treble 20 with ease, Brown hitting two combination outs. Warburton, despite a lack of match practise put up a good show against John Giggs who managed to post Dannys first and only leg. Salt 5×80+,2×100, Cowan 2×100,140 and Paul Moody 140,100 plus outs of 66 and 68 were the remaining Gap victors. Outstanding efforts from Steve Hodgett, 100,140 and Norbury 108,133,139 but no winning doubles. MOTM – Walker – Salt.

Tipsy Toad Toppers  v  El Capitan

Eight 80+ scores and 3 tons in the 1st half just wasn’t enough against an in form Caps. Andy Gildea 100, D1 Hugh Galloway 100,D2 and Steph Simpson 140 were Toad’s highlights in the 1st six. On the other hand Caps managed 7×100,105,3×140, 4×80+ and a brilliant 160 out from Olly Walker. Best of the ton scorers Andres Lliamazares 2×100, 2×140, oh and 2×95. Vycka Bobinas 2×100,140.  2-4 at the break.

Guaranteeing a point were Macos Lopez and Nigel Justice, both winning 2-0, Gildea 3×100 putting up a fight against the latter. Bobinas made sure of both points, defeating Simpson 2-1 with outs of 56 and 92. Paddy Winterbourne faced Walker in the 10th and what a game, the Topper coming out on what else, but top, 2-1. Three tons, 125,140 and 4×80+ including an 84 out, Walker’s 3×100,121. Excellent darts from both. Lliama 2×100,135,140 and Ed Klimonis 2×100,120,140 completed the match, Galloway 3×100,140 unlucky not to capitalise. MOTM – Winterbourne – Walker.

Division Two

Hub Hellraisers  v  Freakie Taverners

A nice 60 out from John Boden set the tone for a convincing 1-5 Freakies lead at the break. Only Sue Spiers could find a D5 for Raisers. Mitch Halliday 85,95,D14, Brian Livsey 121, D7, Sharon Fraine 121,112,D2 Ernie Willis 105,D16 and Groa Bryndis 114,100 making it difficult for the Raisers.

Boden 95,95,133, and 58 out ensured a Freakies point, Raisers fighting back with 2 straight wins from Carol Peace D8 and Ann Taylor D3 plus a hatful of scores. Spoiler Willis won the match on D2, Livsey adding an 8th on D18, leaving Spiers to conclude matters for the Raisers and deserving MOTM. Boden, Freakies recipient.

Boris Bears  v  Pint Depot Queens

Debbie Wright showed the way for Queens with both winning doubles in the 1st half, the first in the opening leg to go ahead for the only time. Amanda Skinner helping herself to D16 and a ton, Father Ken 3×80+, 100 and a double, Barry Shingler D8 and D20.

Yvonne Rouffignac 95,133 made it 5 for the hosts Rachel Broadhead pulling one back for the royals both with a madhouse D1. lt was to be the last Queens win as the female Skinner rattled in a ton, Shingler a D20, Mike Fellows D2 and everyones favourite Ron Chadwick D4 to close, Wright adding a ton. MOTM – Shingler – Wright.

Dominos  v  Angels Delight

Dave Minto D16 and Ash Panchal D8 gave Doms an early advantage, Ray Hayes doing the scoring. The lead was soon cancelled via Sharon Williams and Henni Oortwijn, Ben Kerneham a 140 in response. Panchal D2 and Michael Langan D8 gave Doms a 4-2 half time lead.

A rejuvenated Angels raced into the 2nd half with four straight wins, Williams 105,D6, Maria Ross D1, Karen Coutts D18 and Oortwijn D1 for 4-6, Doms lone response a Hayes 100. Panchal D8 and Liz Minto D5 rescued the point for Doms. MOTM – Hayes – Williams.

Wee Rock Horrors v Tipsy Toad Tiaras

Odds-on favourites, Wee Rock Horrors had the lights on for the Tiaras this week.  The Villamartin team were missing a couple of their thoroughbreds (Dolling and Coates) so their two ladies, Jackie Forrest and Susan Frew took up the reigns for this day at the races.

First out of the stalls was stud Graham Solomons (140, 100, D10) but Tiara fillies Elizabeth Cowan (100. 8-D4) and Sharon Marshall 85, D10) were the bookies’ favourites in the triples.  Solomons then trotted out (140, 4-D2) in the pairs despite a 121 from mighty-mare Pat Schofield.

Simone de Lacy and Wendy Hayward (121) then took a gambol but were pipped at the post by Tony Spiers (80, 100) and Mike Tierney (D1).  Captain Andy Forrest (85, 140, 17-D20) took the 3rd pairs to make it 4-2 at the halfway stage.

MOTM Solomons (81, 85, 125, D5) beat MOTM Elizabeth Cowan (100, 81) in a photo-finish, Tierney (100,82, D20)) beat Lisa Ivill (124) by a nose but it was anyone’s race when Andy secured the all-important 7th leg against Schofield by the 3rd singles.  Geldings Spiers (121) and Joe Cuyt where very hit and miss in their singles, causing much nostril flaring and hoof stomping from their trainer, but eventually wore a rosette each.

Final leg went to Tiara de Lacy (121, 84, D16) against filly Frew (89) to bring the meeting to its conclusion.