Percy’s Ramblings

Never mind the Quality

As time goes on one’s clothing wears out, I am told it is something to do with the washing and the cleaning that does it – perhaps one should stop that?

The replacement of garments in that worn out state, is not very difficult when choosing size, as the new will be the same as the old, and as one has been wearing the same size for years, then it is easy to make a decision.

The knickers had passed their use by date and may I add, lack of support date.

One of our pastimes is to visit the Sunday Market, and so it was, wandering around in the sun. It seemed like a message from somewhere as there was a stall with dozens of Calvin Klein men’s pants laid out. They were in packets of three pairs and eye-catching as they were heavily reduced in price from forty-nine Euros down to ten.

With a little eagerness there was my size, with two x’s, and I happily parted with my money. Of course, if they are that cheap there is something wrong. It is a case of ‘mind the quality not the width.’

They had all the markings of the brand, they looked exactly like other CK’s products, but when they came to size, then I would have to lose two or three stones to be able to get into them. Anyone want two pairs of small unused CK pants plus one I tried to get into?

Disappointed, but onwards and upwards, with certainty I entered the web site of that other famous name M & S, which had Pants and knickers by the thousand – alright not so many.

The order of a pack of three of supporting underwear, with the two x’s, arrived a few days later. As the original were now getting threadbare it was with a little excitement unravelling the packet. Once again the old saying, although reversed,  ‘mind the quality not the width’ – these were the opposite to the CK ones,  I would have to put on two or three stone for them to fit – anyone want two pair of M&S pants, large size?

Remaking Snow White

Sometimes I find it a little difficult to understand people. I refer to the new order sweeping the Western World, as it appears they think that everything that happened a long time ago, no matter how ancient, old and loved, must fit in with modern thought, which is dangerous, non-progressive and destructive to the way we live.

The latest episode which to my mind is not very funny, and perhaps very sad. Disney is making a remake of ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and their spokesman, Peter Dinklage, thinks the original is ‘backwards’ and it should be remade to ‘avoid reinforcing stereotypes.’

It appears there is no thought, and I appreciate others may think differently, of the accolades the film has received over the years, and which was originally shown in 1937, the first full length animated musical fantasy film produced by Walt Disney. At the time it’s construction was raved about as it was the first such production.

The story of the film is based on the 1812 German fairy tale of the ‘Brothers Grimm.’ So, the tale itself has history.

The film ‘Snow White’ was nominated for the ‘Best Musical Score’ in 1938 and in 1989 it was deemed to be ‘culturally, historical and aesthetically significant’ and was selected to be one of  the first films for preservation in the ‘National Film Registry.’

In 1990 it was produced as a home video and in 2008 it was nominated as ‘the best American animated film of all time.’

None of that now matters it would seem because it may be upsetting to the dwarf community – which, I think, is a bit late to think of. However, the report says the new film will put seven small people out of work as they will not be using them, so it seems they are not too worried about them either.

There is another account that says Disney is also looking at changing the image of ‘Micky and Minnie,’ two much loved animated creatures by children and adults alike. The plan, no coloured garments with Minnie wearing a dark blue jumpsuit, similar to a hijab without the head piece.  All right that is a little exaggeration – but hopefully I have made the point.

I feel it is uncomfortable and a little pointless, digging up wording from the past, changing nursery rhymes so they lose their original meaning. Will it ever end?  It would not surprise me if the film ‘Titanic’ was remade because it is too horrifying and sexist. The new one will have the ship surviving the journey and arriving in New York to a gala, with bands playing and garlands of flowers.

The Jolly boat ‘Partygate’

My guess is that everyone is sick of ‘Partygate’ and all the other rumours and non-rumours which are blighting the U.K. Government. This pollution of words from many different groups, all trying to make a point of their own legitimacy, while endeavouring to bring personalities down. They also neutralise the administration’s ability to command.

I think that the current Prime Minister and Cabinet have had a hard time bringing the country through Brexit, with all its difficulties, followed by the pandemic, together with the constant bombardment of criticism – the running of the country has taken second place.

One of my favourite phrases ‘be careful about what you wish for’ applies in these troubled times, for if the Government does fall there would be total turmoil and another period of turmoil.

My view! People working in a bubble during the day, why shouldn’t they relax with a bottle or two – a case of wine does not go very far amongst a group of people. Take care. chattey  ‘The Biltz’ a personal story pf that time available through Amazon and Kindle