The winning song that was selected at the Benidorm Fest to represent Spain in the upcoming Eurovision Competition is under suspicion for breaching the rules with one of the juror’s linked to the singer, Chanel.

There is also a protest by Galicia Podemos, BNG and the CC.OO. Workers’ Commission who are demanding explanations from RTVE for possible irregularities in the selection of Chanel as the Spanish representative because, they claim, the lyrics of the winning song don’t meet with the principles of equality.

The union believes that “the relationship between members of the jury and the singer Chanel Terrero must be clarified”, referring to the professional relationship of the ‘SloMo’ singer with choreographer, Miryam Benedited, saying that “it must be clear if there is a conflict of interest”.

It appears that the choreographer is currently working on a television programme ‘Tu cara me suena’, a programme in which Chanel has also appeared as a dancer.

As a result, the Board of Directors of RTVE has requested information about the procedure followed for the composition of the jury and the subsequent voting.

The corporation also wants to study the song in depth, since according to the regulations of the European Broadcasting Union (UER) at least 35% of the song must be composed in the country’s language. According to a first scrutiny, the calculation is that the content in Spanish is 33%.

And it get’s better as the messages of the winning lyrics must be in accordance with the codes that regulate the treatment of women, so in this area too they will be subjected to a rigorous and thorough examination.

Some advisers maintain that the lyrics of the song may violate these principles.

For the moment, however, the organizers of the Benidorm Fest are refusing to comment, stating that they must wait for publication of the full report…… where have I heard that before?