Last October the National Police arrested an Englishman living in Marbella for whom the United States are now requesting his extradition, accusing him of leading an international drug trafficking network that moves cocaine through 27 countries using ordinary mail.

According to the documentation he was contacted by an undercover American agent through the ‘ deep web ‘, the hidden internet, to whom he ended up selling the illegal merchandise.

Between 2013 and August 2021, the 30-year-old suspect contacted clients via email and encrypted apps under the name UKWhite. The drug was paid for in bitcoins and moved through international markets.

Later, he was able to exchange the crypto for cash through his money laundering activities.

The US investigations are based on the work of undercover US agents: “They received eight packages containing 22.6 grams of cocaine through the United States Postal Service, which were sent by UKWhite from London by Royal Mail Post.”

The drug was paid for in bitcoins with the money traced to an account in the name of the British suspect.

He denies having been in London when the shipments attributed to him took place, stating that it was “a crime provoked” by the undercover agent.

The defendant pleads not guilty and says that he is willing to collaborate with the US Justice. As evidence, he alleges that on January 21 he held a meeting with two US prosecutors. He adds that he has been living in Spain for 15 years and has a Spanish wife and son. He has a stable job and no criminal record.

Another of the arguments that will be used to stop his extradition to the US is that a Marbella court has also launched an investigation for drug trafficking and the law gives preference to the Spanish courts.

In his defence, the accused has provided an expert report in which an expert has entered the ‘deep web ‘ to analyse the OKWhite profile with which the suspect allegedly carried out his operations. The conclusion of the study is that this hidden profile has continued to trade from the United Kingdom after his arrest, so it must be someone else.

For the moment, he has been released on bail while his extradition is processed. The Investigating Court number 6 of the National Court decided to release him provisionally with the precautionary measure that he is not allowed to leave Spain, requiring the withdrawal of his passport and weekly appearances before the judicial authority.