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We live in that part of the world, which is not only a lovely place to live, normally it  has a stable warm weather pattern. In the twenty-one years we have been here, there has only been a couple of times seeing frost in the morning, usually it does not last longer than a few hours.

This January has been different, and like many other countries the frost has been relentless. I do not want to be too boring about climate change but bear with me as I have a theory.

Now, you may ask what right do I have to preach on a subject that has been washed, so to speak, and hung out to dry by professionals.

I should add, I am not questioning the experts who have vast and complicated computer programmes at their disposal. Also, they would have studied weather patterns at college, but then again, are they following the logic without due thought.

The world has been spinning around the sun as long as time, when, at that time, the occupiers of the land, man and of course woman, lived in ‘make do’ shelters and caves, and were blessed by its warmth during the day – then night-time fell.

At that time they would have kept warm by lighting a fire – and nature in its wisdom grew the trees for the burning of.

To sum that up and to try and come to terms with it as it is a bit mind blowing, but it does mean that  fossil materials have been burnt for a very long time.

It is common knowledge that when the skies are clear of clouds at night-time the temperature drops.

The current cold period, as I have just said, is lasting a lot longer than before and it is a matter of fact the Sahara Desert has had frost four times in 1979 – 2016 -2018 and 2022. Does that indicate a cooling down?

For centuries, and possibly millions of years, wood smoke has risen to the sky linking in with the natural gases of oxygen and others, interesting, but oxygen is labelled 02, not being an expert just wondering if the 2 is smoke?

We are not talking of other pollutants here like car fumes, a corroding substance to all it touches. We are talking of thousands of years of wood burning particles mixing with the air that we breathe. Those particles must have gone somewhere!

My thoughts, and I do not think they are too way out – because of the change in the atmosphere since the banning of fossil fuels, isn’t it possible that the atmosphere has lost the ability to keep us warm?

Before I am drowned in laughter I would add that if it cannot keep the cold out, then the opposite must be the result, allowing in the heat from the sun, resulting in unusual hot periods.


It seems to me that Savanna Brockhill should now be cowering in her cell and being remorseful for the terrible crimes she committed against a defenceless child. But she is living in comfort, her words,  ‘with space and views of woodland from her window’.

The child, Star Hobson, at sixteen-months old, was rushed to hospital as she had been so badly beaten that her blood was pooling in her abdomen, also she had damage to her head as well as broken legs.

It is a sad story developing over sixteen months where the social services, having been called to protect the child on three different occasions, mixed up their ‘woke’ ideals with reality. As Brockhill is of gypsy descent, those in childcare confused the complaint, and saw it as one of diversity and not child brutality.

It is a sad story of the mother, a Franky Smith, who, in her mid-teens, is said she is immature for her age, met and had a short-lived affair with Jordan Hobson, the father of Star, who after a brief period left her mother to fend for herself.

One evening she was visiting a ‘raucous drag-queen and karaoke bar’ where she met Brockhill who was a bouncer at the premises, she moved in with her.

The child was treated like a plaything between the mother and her bed partner. Tossed around and punished for the simplest of misdemeanours. The child at one time was crawling around the floor in her agony, the two women laughing and videoing her. Brockhill set the footage to music and sent it to friends with the caption: ‘I’ve laughed so hard.’

The populace in the United Kingdom is living in a society where political correctness rules over reality, where the very people employed to protect the vulnerable are so distorted in their mind set, realism does not get in its way. In my view this case proves that to be fact as when, on three occasions, social services were told about the ‘Childs’ mistreatment and did nothing but file a report to say there was nothing to be concerned about.

Does the punishment fit the crime? It has been a long time since people were whipped or publicly punished and I do not suggest for one second that we should revert to those events. However, we are talking here of a woman, an adult boxer training to be a member of the next Olympic games, who sadistically ill-treated a child, punching and hitting her as if she were a punch bag.

Brockhill, now resides in a prison with her own room and en suite facilities with a window, overlooking woodland. She also has the use of a phone for an hour a day and has monetary facilities where she sends funds to her nephews.

Is that a just punishment for Brockhill? Or does it encourage others, down on their luck and not coping, to commit a serious crime and go to prison, where they do not have to worry about their daily requirements? chattey