The Municipal Socialist Group in Orihuela will not take part in the reception that is being arranged by the Town Council (PP and C’s) to welcome the new bishop of the Orihuela-Alicante Diocese, José Ignacio Munilla, scheduled for 12 February.

This has been announced by the PSOE through a statement in which they explain that their councillors will not participate in “any act while this man is in office.”

They cite the homophobic and sexist statements made by Munilla through different forums in which he speaks against feminism, homosexuality and abortion.

“Taking into account the statements made by José Ignacio Munilla, appointed Bishop of the Diocese of Orihuela, against the rights of women and people belonging to LGTBI groups, many of who are in a vulnerable situation and that this party supports and defends, we are not willing to take a single step back in terms of their rights”, explained the Orihuela PSOE in its statement.