The San Fulgencio Council has announced a 90% grant on the Construction, Installation and Work (ICIO) carried out to improve access and livability in homes or buildings occupied by people with disabilities.

The grants are highlighted in the latest modification of the regulatory ordinance that has recently entered into force, after being approved at the municipal council meeting in October.

The mayor confirmed that the bonuses are in addition to others that are already in the document, such as the 50% grant for works necessary for social, cultural or historical-artistic circumstances.

The councillor for the Treasury, Borja Alonso, explained the details of the aid, which is designed “in response to the current demands for a better quality of life and environmental, social and economic sustainability”.

In addition to the installation of thermal or electrical systems that work with renewable energy, other possible actions will be those that promote energy eco-efficiency and environmental sustainability, such as the implementation or replacement of heating installations, the insulation of housing and the replacement of exterior carpentry.

Tax advantages for the improvement of homes occupied by the disabled “may also be applied to the modification of the common parts of the building that serve as a passageway to the outside, such as stairs, lifts, corridors, doorways or any architectural element”. It will also include the necessary modifications for the application of electronic devices to facilitate sensory communication for these people.

Anyone requiring info should go to the Town Hall offices for an explanation of the necessary procedures, as well as the documentation to be provided.