Community President Ximo Puig says it is very likely that we will see the return of the mass vaccination centres to enable us to complete the inoculation process of the third dose to those over 18 years of age

He said that the Consell is currently studying the reopening of the vaccination centers after the Public Health Commission gave the green light to the new “round” in the mass vaccination calendar, which will begin to be formulated next week.

The head of the Consell advocated a strategy that tries to “generate the greatest safety and efficiency” and that takes into account “the over work of health staffers”. “These combinations could see us reverting to a model that has worked very well,” he acknowledged.

Regarding the booster vaccination for all adults, Puig stressed the importance of being “as efficient as possible” and the need for medical staff “to be able to do it properly.”

Speaking about the possibility of fourth doses, the president confirmed that at “the moment” it is being planned although he was not able to provide a specific date. “But it is clear that we may need to vaccinate all people over 18 years of age once the five-month period has elapsed,” he stressed, before saying that, although the current situation is “worrying”, the effect on hospital admissions is “much lower than it was last year.”