A battle to remove squatters in Torrevieja could come to a head – after occupation which has lasted 950 days.

A judge will decide whether the squatters will be evicted or remain, the occupant citing via a letter to the Court, stating that a minor is present in the house.

The occupants are asking the judge to allow them to remain until the end of the minor’s school year.

They say that the squatted house is the minor’s habitual residence, despite not paying rent, water or electricity bills.

The owner of the house, named Pilar, waits to find out if she will have no choice but to continue spending the savings with her husband to defend her rights.

The house is said to have all window blinds down, giving the impression that no one inhabits the house.

The eviction hearing of the squatters has been postponed twice, due to a notification error, and due also to the occupants situation of vulnerability.



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