Despite 2021 beginning with an increase in unemployed people across the Vega Baja, with 890 people unemployed in January, surpassing the 34,000 unemployed people throughout the area, comparative analysis of the data reveals that the evolution of the unemployment rate has been positive since, and at the end of the year, the total number of unemployed in the Vega Baja has decreased to 29,593, with means more than 4,500 people have found employment in the region this year.

In Orihuela, for example, the year started with a total of 6,235 people unemployed, and closed it with 5,551, thus 684 fewer job seekers.

Meanwhile, in Torrevieja, the year started with 10,616 jobseekers and closed it with 1,767 fewer unemployed. In addition, according to the latest data published in November 2021, the city has registered the most significant decrease in unemployment in the region during that month.