The introduction of the Covid Passport has resulted in almost 37,000 previously reluctant people in the province of Alicante deciding to get vaccinated in the last month.

In mid-November, before this Covid Passport measures were implemented, there were 1,509,481 people over 12 years of age immunised with the full schedule of the vaccine in the province. According to the latest update from the Ministry of Health, corresponding to the end of last week, this figure has now risen to 1,546,365 people.

However, the Alicante province continues to be behind in overall figures. Specifically, 91.6% of the target population have been protected compared to 94.4% on average in the Valencian Community. There are still 77,000 people who have not received any doses of the vaccine. It is believed that one of the reasons behind vaccine hesitancy in the province is the higher percentage of resident foreigners who are more reluctant to immunised.

People who still do not have any dose or the complete schedule of the vaccine are currently a priority and can be vaccinated without the need to make an appointment, either at the mass vaccination points installed by health department throughout the province or at mobile walk-in centres that are periodically located in shopping centres and other points of mass influx. Over the past few weeks hundreds of people have queued in front of these mobile devices to receive the vaccine.

In parallel to this campaign, the administration of third doses to those already vaccinated continues at full speed. Health has set as a goal that by the end of the year everyone over 60 years of age will be immunised and some health departments have already begun to call the population below that age.

It should be remembered that the Ministry of Health has approved the third dose for everyone over 40 years of age, as well as for those vaccinated with AstraZeneca – mostly teachers and members of the security forces – and for those immunised with the single doses of Janssen.