Covid 19 has put a big stopper on a lot of people’s plans. Lockdowns, masks, capsules, distancing, travel bans, and so on and so forth have forced people to essentially put their lives on hold while they wait for this to all end.

Therefore, it is imperative that everyone tries to keep themselves to a somewhat normal routine as much as they can. The biggest thing that’s going to affect people is slowly spiraling into an unending loop of doing the same things (perhaps self destructive) all the time.

Indeed, for those people who know they are more prone to lazing around, it is even more important for them that they keep an eye on what they are doing, how they are doing it, and how much. It’s very easy to waste whole days away and fall into a depression.

So, now that we know some of the main reasons why someone needs a good routine to stick to, especially in the world we are living in now, how can someone start to formulate a routine? What are things they should make sure they include?


First and foremost, it is important that everyone exercise, even something light, every day. More so if you are in a place with lockdown and can rarely leave your house without a specific purpose.

The simple fact is, people are just going to be moving less if they are at home. There isn’t any need to walk a ton, and there are more than enough places for people to sit down. Or even lie down if they count their bed.

So, start doing some form of workout. Bodyweight exercises are an easy way to start that come to mind. However, if you have exercise equipment feel free to use that as well if it’s what you prefer.

I’m only here to give you some tips, not tell you how to live your life. But some other options are yoga, stretching, you could run or walk if you have a treadmill or yard, or playing with your kids or dog if you have.

Another good thing to maybe try is a standing desk. If you are working from home on the computer, or like to play video games, a standing desk is a good way to help keep you on your feet and a little bit more mobile.

It also has the added benefit that you don’t have to worry about knocking your chair over when you jump up in excitement at winning the round of poker on an online casino South Africa. That’s like the cherry on top.

Clean Up

Your clutter has a large impact on you and your mood. If fact, your surroundings in general can really affect you! The messier or more claustrophobic your surroundings, the worse you are going to feel about them, and the more stressed and uncomfortable you will be.

This then can lead to a terrible cycle where you feel bad because you feel lazy that your surroundings are disorganized, but because you feel bad you feel unmotivated to do something about it. And then, you just end up letting the mess pile up.

So, therefore, when you are required to spend more and more time in your home, it’s really important you try to keep it tidy. Have cleanup time every day where you tidy things up before the mess can really pile up and feel like too much to handle.

And on maybe a little lesser note, clean up your computer’s desktop as well! People don’t realize how much it can affect them to have a desktop cluttered with icons. I once helped a friend of mine clean up their desktop, and they were amazed at the difference afterward.

Clean up doesn’t just have to refer to cleaning up physical things. It’s also about cleaning up or cleaning away the things that are going to negatively impact your mental health. A healthy mind goes hand and hand with a healthy body. Both are dependent on the other.